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We know that every child is unique and comes with different learning styles, interests, and worldviews. Our school has an excellent array of programs to meet the varying needs of our students.

Media Center

Our media center is open during school hours for students to check out reading material, research information, study, and work on homework. All students have the opportunity to visit the library with their class during the week. Students may also stop by on their own time. We encourage all students to make use of this great resource!


Designed for students who come from non-English speaking families, our English as a Second Language (ESL) program provides the support, encouragement, and learning materials necessary for these students to thrive in an English-speaking environment.

We provide a range of services customized to the individual needs of each student. Some of these services include:

  • In-class assistance
  • After-hours tutoring
  • Pull-out sessions during non-instruction times

Special Education

Yucca Elementary provides a free and appropriate education for all of its students, including those students with disabilities and special giftedness. Our special education program works with families to create Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to meet the special needs of their children. This plan includes related services, in and out of school, at no cost to the family. These services complement the students’ personal instruction and ensure they are receiving the most benefit from their education.

Special Instructional Programs/Section 504

Each qualified student within the district who is eligible to receive regular or special education or related aids or services, regardless of the nature or severity of the condition necessitating such programs or services, shall receive free appropriate education in the district. Visit our Special Instructional Programs/Section 504 page on our district website for more information.

Title I

The NM Title I Program is a federally-funded supplemental education program designed to help children meet state content and performance standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics. We receive Title I funds to pay for after school tutoring, supplemental instruction materials, and teacher training.